Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Easter Time!

It's Easter Tuesday.

Today he rises, with promises of salvation that only a god can deliver.

Hope. Vote. And you will be saved.

Don't worry about trying to realistically determine how it will happen. Don't worry about that. Well, one party controlling the Executive and Legislative branches of government. Ok, that's how.

But don't worry about what that really means. Just vote. Vote. Get your friends to vote. Vote for salvation.

The savior is coming.

It's not your taxes being raised. It's the rich guy's. It's not your money being spread around to those with less money. No, you may benefit from it, or you may be unaffected by it, but the principle doesn't matter, because what's more important is salvation.

That's what's fair; that everyone have a piece of the pie.

Everyone should have a home. Everyone should have a job. That's how it should be.

Take from the ones that have built the country to what it is, so that way we can work to make it into what it beat. That's how it should be.

Don't think about all the ins and outs. Just get in the bubble of hope, and let's float to our new heaven in it.

We need a Newer Deal. One with a divine author. To save everyone. That's what we need.




So let's make it happen.

Believe in hope.

Have faith in hope.

Vote for hope.

And today, the savior will rise.

Now, don't go holding me to the everything in this video. I just think it's pretty funny, and it goes along with my strongly sarcastic theme (except of course the video isn't meant to be sarcastic). And I'm definitely not endorsing the creator's blog. I've not visited it, nor do I plan to. At the very least, it's a good song.

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